Leeks all over the place

Not enough leeks

I love leeks.  They’re definitely one of my Desert Island vegetables.   Sad to say, I have actually spent rather more time than I ought actually thinking about what vegetables I couldn’t live without, and leeks are definitely up there.   Unfortunately my over enthusiastic planting earlier in the year didn’t leave enough space for leeks and the only ones currently in the garden are squeezed in my red and green patchwork bed as dividers.

So recently I planted some more leek seeds anticipating that once I’ve cleared my peas from their bed, which are nearly over, I should be able to plant out a few more leeks just before it gets too late.   They’d germinated nicely but this morning disaster struck.    I was throwing the ball for my very persistent cocker spaniel, and the combination of my appalling throwing and the limited space meant that he knocked over the leek seedlings sitting on the edge of the garden.

Leek carnage...

Urgent action was clearly called for.   The leeks in the tray were a different variety I was keen to try.  I’m always on the search for the best flavoured varieties that you won’t find in the supermarket or farm shop, and if they look good too that’s a real bonus.   To paraphrase William Morris: have nothing in your garden that you do not know to be delicious or believe to be beautiful.      These leeks (St Victor from Sarah Raven), until the dog had done his worst, promised both.   They have a purplish hue to the leaves which should look beautiful if they ever survive.

The leeks rehoused

With the weather so hot I knew that they’d quickly dry out and die so I hastily rummaged around in the shed and found some empty seed modules and peat free compost.   I poked holes with a pencil and carefully dangled the long thin roots in, firming up around them.  Fingers crossed that they survive the rather impromptu transfer.




About thegreedygardener

The Greedy Gardener is a seasonal food diary of a fruit and vegetable garden in Kent, the garden of England. I can't be self-sufficient but I'm trying to see how much of the food I eat can be measured in food metres rather than food miles.
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