Indian summer, Italian food

Simple but delicious - home grown tomatoes and basil with mozzarella

Unbelievable weather in Kent over the past few days.   My San Marzano and Principe Borghese tomatoes which I rashly decided to try growing outdoors this year, have been putting on a great ripening spurt.    The Principe Borghese are delicious with a very distinctively pointy bottom.

Ripening Principe Borghese tomatoes

The San Marzano I’ve been oven-drying at a very low heat – about 140C – for nearly an hour, with a little thyme and olive oil sprinkled over the top.  I intend to use them as a base for a pasta dish, but the first batch I did proved too tempting and I ate them just as they were with bread.   If I can resist it next time I’ll post up the recipe!

Mainly San Marzano tomatoes ripening (a few Tigerella in the background, I think)

About thegreedygardener

The Greedy Gardener is a seasonal food diary of a fruit and vegetable garden in Kent, the garden of England. I can't be self-sufficient but I'm trying to see how much of the food I eat can be measured in food metres rather than food miles.
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2 Responses to Indian summer, Italian food

  1. Louise Dean says:

    Love your blog. Love the pics!
    Take a look at our website
    We make the ultimate gardener’s mugs!!! Very hardy, hand decorated here in Kent.x

    • The mugs look fabulous and you’re only about 4 miles away from me. Have you ever considered doing a mug of the Doris Gurney verse “The kiss of the sun for parson, The song of the birds for mirth, One is nearer God’s heart in the garden, Than anywhere else on earth” it’s also late C19 so might tie in well! Might go down well with retro gardeners. Do you sell in any local retail outlets? Happy to put a link to your site on my blog if you like.

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